Staying connected to God:

     If you've ever went up for an appeal at church, then you probably know that feeling that you get afterwards that says, "Now what?" If not, that's fine, because this is still for you. In fact, this should help everyone in some way. Below are some ways to stay connected to God throughout the day instead of being caught up with the world around you and eventually doing bad things you wouldn't do if you were still fully submitted to God.

1: Talk less or do less!
  This may sound crazy intially but if you're sitting quietly instead of constantly talking you have more time to think about God (point 2) and think about what you're going to say. (point 3) Proverbs 13:3 says He that keeps his mouth keeps his life: but he that opens wide his lips shall have destruction. (American King James Version.)
For more verses like this one read Proverbs 15 and 14.                                                                          

2: Spend time with God throughout the day.                Think about God during the time provided by talking less. Things you can think about are the Second coming, (an article on that next) a bible verse, a bible story, a song, or anything that glorifies God. And of course, pray and read your bible. You don't have to close your eyes, repeat yourself, or use big words, just let your prayer come from your heart. (Matthew 6:5-10 Reading the bible during the day at work or school may seem hard, but in all honesty, soon this world will burn so it makes sense to devote your time to the One who can lift you above this world and transport you to the New Earth (more about this later). So just five minutes a day! And remember, it's not about how much you read the bible, but how much you understand and how much you apply the lesson to your life.

3: Think before you act

Think about the consequences of what your going to do before you do it: think about how Jesus would feel or what He would do. You can even pray to Him to give you strength to make the right decesion. Being able to think before every action or response you make in life will take practice, but if you want to master resisting the devil, we need to practice often and always.

Here are some pointers from to help you make better decesions:

  • Focus clearly upon the problem.
  • Decide upon your goal.
  • List all your possible choices.
  • Consider the costs and benefits of each possible choice.
  • Make a decision and take action.
  • Evaluate your decision.

Life is a tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.
Horace Walpole

And finally, remember that you should always put God before yourself in everything. =)

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