This video may seem kind of crazy when you first watch it, but watch it a few more times while you're listening to the lyrics and you should realize this song has a good message.

Kevin Michael "Toby" McKeehan (born October 22, 1964 in Fairfax, Virginia), professionally known as TobyMac, is a Grammy Award winning artist, producer, and songwriter. He was first known for being a member of the Christian trio DC Talk, staying with them from 1989 until their announced hiatus in 2000. He has since continued a successful solo career with the release of three studio albums: Momentum (2001), Welcome to Diverse City (2004), and Portable Sounds (2007), as well as two remixed albums of the first two albums titled Re:Mix Momentum and Renovating Diverse City, respectively.

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This song is by Third Day, a very nice christian band. =) 

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